4:50 From Paddington – Agatha Christie

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4:50 From Paddington is a murder mystery, a Miss Marple story, where a woman is strangled on a moving train. This act is witnessed by a Mrs.McGillicuddy, a friend of Miss Marple, while she was travelling in a train which crossed the former, slowly, in an opposite direction.

Mrs.McGillicuddy informs the next station police and resumes her journey. On that fateful day, she was on christmas shopping. Even after a few days, there is no sign of a body or any news related to that death, which upsets her and she on a visit to her friend’s house, shares the same with her.

This friend of hers is Miss Marple who completely believes her friend and she takes the same train her friend took and finds out that there is only one place a body could be disposed of at a curve.

She takes help from her young friend Lucy Eyelesbarrow. Miss Marple requests her to work as a housekeeper at the Rutherford Hall which was the only place nearby the curve of the railway track. Miss Marple asks her to work as well as snoop around, to find the dead body of a woman.

Lucy eventually finds out the body and a formal investigation starts.

How Lucy finds the dead body, who the woman was and why she was killed and how Miss Marple finds out the killer forms the story.

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