A caribbean mystery – Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie’s ‘A Caribbean Mystery’ is set in West Indies, a mystery from the Miss Marple series.

It all starts with Major Palgrave narrating his experiences in Kenya to Miss Marple on her stay at Golden Palm Hotel, West Indies, run by the Kendals. He moves on from one experience to another, until he finally talks about a mystery killer who marries rich young women and they unexpectedly commit suicide due to depression. The Major believes that they might have been staged, as the husband made sure everyone knows about the depression problem. He even tells her that a certain doctor friend of his has unexpectedly taken a picture of that person.

While he is about show the picture to Miss Marple, he suddenly stops and hurriedly puts the picture away. The same evening during dinner, the Major tells everyone that someone will kill him when they get the chance and the same evening he dies due to the supposed heart failure.

This intrigues Miss Marple and she sets out to find the truth. How the Major died, was it really a natural death or was it a murder and who is that mystery killer of wives and is he upto another wife murder forms the story.

A superb narration, the story keeps you hooked till the end.

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