At Bertram’s Hotel – Agatha Christie

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Agatha Christie’s ‘At Bertram’s Hotel’ is one of Miss Marple series of novels.

Miss Marple’s cousin treats her with a visit to London and books her stay in famous Bertram’s hotel. The hotel seems to be what every person wants in one. Food of one’s liking, neat rooms and very hospitable staff.

As usual, as the case when Miss Marple is around some mystery has to be there, there seems to be one mystery which intrigues the London police. Many robberies seem to take place and a convenient suspect is shown, upon investigation it’s known that the very person was at an entirely different place with perfect alibi.

When the similar incident happens with a person staying at the hotel, Miss Marple proves to be a valuable asset in the investigation.

A parallel track of Bess Sedgwick, and her daughter are combined with this investigation and it proves to be an intriguing story.

You have to read the novel to know more. 🙂

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