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Every day decisions are important in our lives. So… important that they can make or break you lives.

What defines your life? Education? Family? Happiness? Comforts? Security? Or what do you think is a good life or what constitutes to the term “my life”?

My Life – a term used to describe the levels you have played in the game of your very existence and the level which you currently are on.

In this game, there are no rules nor a proper method of playing. Everyone has their own strategy for playing the game. We would have scored less points in a few levels, average in few, moderate in few, good in few and excellent in a few. We would have even flunked in a few levels, where we kept on playing the same level again and again till we crossed it. Honestly, no one likes to stay in the same level. And we have no option to quit or to start again. Only way is to play all the levels and reach the destination.

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Again, how far we go is based upon the decisions and choices that we make while playing this game. Our decisions and choices define our lives.

But do we know what we are playing for? what do we expect by playing this game which affects us personally? It’s not the result we are playing for! It’s the process of learning and self-discovery which provides us an extreme self-confidence so as we can help each other. It’s the contentment and sense of self satisfaction that drives us to end the race with ease.

So, we need to give importance to even the very small decision or choice we make in our everyday life. Take time to think and analyse a set of possibilities and follow the best possible path. Try to implement this one day or one decision at a time to ensure it becomes a second nature to you, to tread carefully.

Always remember that “what you are today is a result of what you have decided or chosen yesterday”.

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