John Sanford – Broken Prey (2005)

John Sanford’s Broken Prey introduces a new set of psycho killers, Leo Grant aka Roy Rogers, Lawrence Chase, Benjamin Lighter, and Carl Taylor. They are actually mental patients and they perform such gruesome killings remaining inside the mental institution itself.

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The story with a cruel killing of a young woman and a man, both sexually assaulted and murdered. Lucas and his team are called down to investigate the case and due to a call from an old security officer, they suspect a Charlie Pope an inmate of a mental hospital, to be the killer.

They end up realizing they were wrong when they come across Pope’s body parts floating around in a lake. They interview his friends in the hospital, his fellow inmates Chase, Lighter and Taylor.

They get to know the ways in which the killer has killed the people from these three people, even though they do not get such information from outside. Lucas begins to suspect that someone in the hospital is feeding them information and that someone actually might be the killer.

Lucas gets to know that Leo Grant a therapist in the hospital is actually an escapee from another mental institution. This Leo Grant could imitate any person to an extent that anyone else will easily believe him to be that person. Thus this guy Roy Rogers became Leo Grant and joined St. John’s as a therapist, where he counsels these three friends of Pope. He calls them to be the Gods down the Hall. These three people spoil Grant’s mind and make him crazy and hungry for a kill.

How Lucas finds out about Grant and how Grant conveys how he killed each of his victims and how he sets loose the three Gods and the ensuing fight forms the plot.

A seat gripping thriller, a must read for all Prey series fans. For those who are new to the series, you should be accustomed to the way Lucas and his team operate, before you read this novel. Suggested to read Rules of Prey first.

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