John Sanford – Buried Prey (2011)

John Sanford’s Buried Prey takes us back to Lucas Davenport’s past when he was starting his career as a young cop aspiring to be a detective. A girl missing case was his first and first unsolved one too, which he cannot forget even later into his life.

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When a house demolition reveals a dead body under the basement, Davenport is called on to the scene to identify if that was the missing girl. The investigation headed by Davenports close aide Marcy Sherrill.

Lucas becomes upset as he learns they have caught the wrong person all those years back and vows to bring the perpetrator to justice. He takes a personal interest and performs his own investigation into the case by reconstructing the events that took place during that time.

Meanwhile the killer comes to know of the case being reopened and he tries to get rid of any loose ends. He ends up killing his own uncle for the fear of him revealing the truth, thereby making an irreversible mistake.

Marcy is killed during the investigation and this hurts Lucas, he investigates ruthlessly and finds the killer.

It’s a seat gripping thriller, showcasing all the right emotions from every character, and a must read for Davenport fans.

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