John Sanford – Certain Prey (1999)

John Sanford introduces a female assassin Clara Rinker, a psychotic lover Carmel Loan and their deadly combination.

It all starts when Carmel Loan decides that she is in love with Hale Allen, Barbara Allen’s husband. She decides to get her killed and as she is a lawyer, through one of her clients a Rolando D’Aquila or Rolo gets in touch with the serial killer, Clara.

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Clara with her trademark close range killing, kills Barbara and due to her miscalculation had to shoot a cop Baily Dobs. The conversation between Rolo and Carmel is video taped and sent to Carmel demanding more money. Loan calls Rinker and asks her to keeps no loose ends.

While they both capture Rolo and torture him to death, in his last few minutes he scratches a C L on his hand.

Loan finds that she didn’t feel bad on killing the person, she and Rinker become good friends. An FBI agent Louis Mallard, joins the investigation alongside Lucas and his team. He tells that Rinker is wanted for several murders, and this murder is the only one where there is a witness.

On Rinker’s trail, Lucas and the FBI agents go to Wichita, Kansas. There Lucas even dances with Rinker in the latter’s bar Rink.

How Loan and Rinker help each other escape the police, how Loan is caught in her folly and how Rinker escapes the police forms the story.

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