John Sanford – Chosen Prey (2001)

John Sanford tells us the story of a pornographic addict, killer James Qatar, a university professor and how he is caught before he commits additional crimes.

He takes up art classes to draw the faces and body of the women he likes. He downloads and prints pornographic pictures and draws the faces of the women he likes.

At first he sends their nude pencil arts to them, tries to find them alone, coax, rape, kill and rob them of their valuables.

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Lucas and his team are assigned the case and they find that the killer might have killed several women in the past. They find the possible location where the killer might have buried the women.

When they suspect that a university professor might have been involved and they somehow wind up investigating Qatar’s mother.

Qatar kills his mother, steals the money in her house and escapes. Lucas then suspects Qatar and how he catches him forms the story.

An interesting read which keeps you engrossed to the very end.

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