John Sanford – Easy Prey (2000)

John Sanford’s Easy Prey is about a killing of a top fashion model, Alie’e Maison.

Lucas and his team are on the investigation of the murder. They find out that she was gay and the party she last attended had drugs passing around. They investigate the girl friend’s angle and when they finally focus on the drugs angle, people start being murdered.

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The media and Alie’e’s family want the investigation to be reported to the local news. They meet her brother who seems like a likely suspect and try to find out more, which eventually leads to nothing.

They find out about a illegal drug dealer and set traps for him and eventually find him murdered.

Lucas informs Alie’e’s brother that they are going to catch the killer, to see if he is the one who is avenging his sister’s death.

And just when they think that the killer is finally caught and they are about to make an arrest, the killer is killed.

How Lucas and his team arrive on the killer and who kills the killer and why forms the suspense factor of the story.

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