John Sanford – Field of Prey (2014)

John Sanford’s Field of Prey, tells the story of kidnap of women and their killings.

The story opens on what happened a few years ago, R-A and Horn wait in the parking lot of a diner for the last waitress to come out. They want to catch the lady off guard and kidnap her to sexually satisfy themselves. They manage to overpower her and put her in the back of a truck which Horn drives, while R-A (Roger Axel) drives another. The lady manages to break through her binding rope and manages to injure Horn very badly and escape from the truck.

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Years later an abandoned well is opened up to check why it’s smelling so badly. They discover lots of bodies of girls in the well and Lucas and his team are called in to handle the case. He encounters Cartin Mattson, a county officer who demands to be made part of the investigation.

Lucas along with Bob Shrake investigate all angles, and when they find a skull of a lady long dead and whose body is buried in a cemetery, they suspect that the killers might be grave robbers.

Shrake goes in search of a lead associated with the cemetery and reached R-A’s house. He is killed and his body is moved to a different place. Lucas arrives at the scene and finds out from a witness that a man was seen walking around and he looked like the mailman.

Meanwhile Cartin gives an interview to the media and is seen by R-A who lusts for her. He calls her and taunts her, he gives her information on many more corpses dug from the well. In his obsession one day he plans to kidnap her and rape her against Horns protests. He kills Horn because of his protests and then he manages to kidnap Cartin and rape her brutally. He beats her up and then rapes her.

Lucas in the meanwhile tries to find out who the killer might be while he gets to know of Cartin’s kidnapping and clicks a picture of the mailman who was proved innocent and takes it to the departmental store where they recognise him as R-A. He finds out where R-A lives and arrives in time to tackle R-A and subdue him and releases Cartin from the room in the basement. Cartin with her remaining energy kills R-A.

How Lucas finds out that the killer might have looked like the mailman or what Shrake saw in the cemetery and how he finds the killers house and saves Cartin forms the story.

Hair raising story, which must be read to clearly and thoroughly experience the thrill. Very gripping story and a must read for all.

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