John Sanford – Gathering Prey (2015)

John Sanford’s Gathering Prey is the twenty-fifth novel in the Prey series. It tells the story of a street traveller and associated killings.

The story starts with Letty Davenport, adopted daughter of Lucas Davenport befriending a traveller Skye. Skye tells her that a fellow traveller named Pilot is a devil, he fucks men and women alike and that he kills people and no one does anything about it. She gives Skye her number and leaves.

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While Letty is at home, she gets a call from Skye, saying that Pilot has killed her friend Henry and she does not know what to do. Skye comes to Minnesota and Letty asks Lucas to investigate the case. Lucas starts investigating and he comes to know that there is no record of his existence except a small ticket for not carrying licence.

In his further investigations he comes to know that Pilot’s name to be Pilate and he had killed many more people previously. Meanwhile Skye gives descriptions of Pilate and his girlfriend Kristen to the police who release their pictures to the media. Skye escapes from Letty after she gets to know how cruelly Henry was killed and she goes to take revenge on Pilate in the Juggalo Gatherings.

Letty follows her and when asked for her she is beaten very badly by Pilate and other Juggalo’s in time save her. This angers Lucas and he goes after Pilate as a personal matter and tracks him and his team down and gives credit to the team of police who helped him.

When he goes back home, he resigns as he felt he has been too long in the field.

How Lucas finds out about Pilate and how he manages to catch hold of each and every member of the gang and what prompts his resignation forms the story.

The story is a bit lengthy combined with Letty’s arrogance and I felt really bad when Lucas resigns his position with the BCA. Nonetheless a thriller, you need to read the novel to know more.

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