John Sanford – Invisible Prey (2007)

John Sanford’s Invisible Prey, tells us the story of robberies and killings associated to a set of robberies which take when the owners are supposedly not at home.

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We read a robbery in an elderly woman’s house, who is a relative of a high ranking person in the politics. Lucas and his team in the BCA are called in to handle the case and do justice to that official. Lucas finds out from the house help’s kid that the items of value are missing.

When Lucas finds a rare painting hidden in a secret locker of the old lady’s house, he requests the help of two antique sellers who were friends of the old lady. They tell him the painting is very highly priced and it’s unlikely that it would be missed in a robbery and they suggest that the robbery was to cover up a murder.

Lucas gets a call from a friend of the old lady saying that the killing seems a little similar to another her mom’s killing in a different place. Lucas investigates that angle and realises that the killers after killing the people take away the valuable antiques from their houses. He suspects that it might have been the work of people who were close to the people who were killed.

This friend of the old lady also dies in mysteriously the same way and his daughter says an item of value is missing. When he takes an interest in the antique dealers and starts investigating every angle related to them, he gets to know that the people who died in the similar fashion were all a part of a knitting group.

How Lucas realises who the killers are and how each person trying to provide useful information to Lucas is killed and how eventually the killers are caught forms the story.

The story is a little slowly paced and you might feel bored in the middle of it. However, if you hold on and read the pace quickens and you would be thrilled with the ending.

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