John Sanford – Mind Prey (1995)

John Sanford’s Mind Prey is very intriguing read, where the psychopath John Mail is shown as a gamer himself and who manages to escape the police many times.

John Mail is obsessed with his psychiatrist, Andi Manette. He kidnaps her and her two daughters one rainy day and takes them to his old house.

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Lucas joins with Marcy Sherill on the investigation and through the information from an eyewitness, they find out that the kidnapper might be a gamer. When Lucas goes to a gaming store to investigate, where dozens of players are busy playing on some of his creations, the kidnapper escapes. Through the eyewitness’s description of the man they find that he might be a certain John Mail. However, John Mail is supposedly dead long ago.

Every step Lucas takes, Mail stays a step ahead of him. When Lucas tries to lure him through the radio, Mail almost slips and scolds Lucas on the call itself and drops the call before they can point him. Meanwhile he rapes Manette repeatedly, and she is exhausted but holds on as she becomes afraid if she is not there, her kids will be harmed. She tries to send a signal to Lucas in a message, she manages to send through Mail.

Lucas and his team find out a gamer who might have played along with Mail. She does not deny playing with him, however she denies knowing his location. She goes to Mail’s old home, she is the ex-wife of Mail, to try to take ransom from Manette’s family.

Mail takes care of her and lures the police to a location saying Manette is there. There Lucas senses a trap and stops the police to search the place, where they find the place to be trapped with some explosives.

Mail who sees all these events from a distance calls Lucas and taunts him. Meanwhile Manette and her daughter make a small weapon out of the spring in the mattress they lie on.

They manage to injure Mail and scream, whereas at the same time Lucas and his team come to the location and a fight ensures. During the fight, Sherill is injured seriously and Lucas manages to catch Mail crawling through a sewage drain. He closes the other end and Mail being claustrophobic kills himself.

The thrill comes by reading the novel and I would impose you to buy a copy and read the same to enjoy the thrill. This novel shows John Sanford at his best.

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