John Sanford – Mortal Prey (2002)

John Sanford brought back my favorite character Clara Rinker in this novel and I was a little disappointed by the ending, however the story enthralls you and keeps you hooked till the very last line.

Clara Rinker who escaped to Mexico is now living happily with her boyfriend who is the son of a local gangster and she comes to know she is pregnant. We see that the people from her past try to kill her as she would be the only witness for their crimes. In the process they kill her boyfriend and seriously injure her, killing her baby in the womb.


Rinker is out for revenge and Lucas and his team come to picture. They try to ambush her before she kills anyone. They cannot find her and she eventually one of her targets.

When they realise she is going after a banker, they give the banker complete protection. However they fail to protect him as Rinker uses a phone bomb to kill him.

She kills a person while they are moving to a private jet to go away from the area for a few months to escape her. This happens under full police protection and the only people who knew they would be travelling would be their travel agents and the police.

This sets Lucas in a different direction that someone is helping Rinker and they find that the wife of a gangster helps her, the gangster whom Rinker kills eventually.

How Lucas tracks Rinker and what happens next forms the story.

I personally wish Rinker to appear in another of Sanford’s novels!

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