John Sanford – Naked Prey (2003)

The story starts with a killing where in the killer strips two people and hangs them upside down from a tree on a cold snowy night. Unknown to him, his jeep is seen by a young girl Letty West, who sees the lights of the jeep from her house.

Lucas and his team are called down to handle the situation. He is appointed as the Director, Office of Regional Studies by Rose Marie, the new head of the Department of Public Safety and her boss previously too.

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When they investigate the murders,they get to know of a illegal drug shipment by a group of nuns on cars which have been remade from stolen parts of other cars. The assembly of the cars are done by a group of people in the hamlet of Broderick.

We find that a few kids have been kidnapped for ransom and have never been returned, a belonging of one of the kids is found in the murdered person’s house along with lots of money.

A father of one such child is found murdered, this man was suspected for killing the two people.

Letty West accompanies Lucas in most of the interviews and Lucas comes to know that the kid is sharp. Letty roams around the garbage dump next to the car assembly garage.

Loren Singleton fears that Letty knows who the killer meaning he, is and sets out to kill her. He kills her mother and Letty manages to escape him by putting a bullet in his side.

While Lucas concludes that it has to be a deputy who might have killed the father of the child and the rest, Singleton escapes and how he manages to catch hold of Singleton and how we will be shocked to find the brains behind the operation forms the story.

A very engaging and extremely interesting read, a must read for fans.

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