John Sanford – Phantom Prey (2008)

John Sanford’s Phantom Prey tells us the story of a multiple personality disorder killer and a ghost.

The story starts with a mom, Alyssa Austin, finding blood on her kitchen wall after she returns home. When the blood is tested they find that the blood matches her daughter’s.

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After a few months of this incident, the daughter is not yet found and the investigation is on a dead end. Alyssa is a friend of Weather’s, Lucas’s wife and Weather requests Lucas to investigate the case. When Lucas goes to see Alyssa, she tells him everything she knew about her daughter and she tells him of a suspected boy, however he is dead.

Lucas investigates her daughter Frances’s finances and during his investigations a few people who were friends or at least supposed to be friends of Frances start to be killed by a short woman the witnesses call Fairy. When witnesses give a description of the Fairy and the sketch is drawn, Lucas is surprised to see that it looks like Austin.

And meanwhile Austin is suffering from multiple personality disorder and another self of her’s Fairy pops up to take revenge on the supposed killers of her daughter. Fairy starts seeing the ghost of Loren who seduces her and encourages her to kill.

How Lucas finds out who the killer is, how she has the personality disorder, how she tries to kill him but fails instead killing herself, forms the story.

A gripping story which will keep you enthralled to the very end, a nice story from John Sanford.

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