John Sanford – Shock Wave (2011)

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Shock Wave is the fifth book in the Virgil Flowers series by John Sanford and we have to say, it’s a damn exciting book. A bomb explodes in a corporate building in Grand Rapids, a few mins before the scheduled meeting. A woman is dead and another injured, three weeks later another bomb explodes in the construction trailer in Butternut Falls, killing one construction superintendent and injuring a civil engineer. Virgil Flowers is called on to the scene to work with the ATF to catch the bomber before he goes about exploding other places.

A considering amount of pelex is stolen a few months prior and this got people higher up worried there might be further bombings. The bombings seemed to be targeting PyeMart and its old man Pye. Virgil gets on with interviewing the injured civil engineer, gets to know that someone had staked out and he investigates the bushes around the second bombing. He meets a local who suggests having an opinion based market research to find the killer.

There seemed to be corruption involved in the building the new PyeMart site at the Butternut Falls. Virgil runs two parallel cases, one involving the corruption case and the other involving the bomb. Another two bombs take out a pipeline, some machinery and the old man Pye’s limo.

Virgil interviews the possible suspects and he is on a race against time for the next bomb to go off. Meanwhile the naive bomber falls in love with the idea of control and is waiting for his next chance to blow up something. In one stage the bomber itself is interviewed and asked for some help in catching the unknown bomber. The ball is moved to different people, getting possible bombers dead and a little evidence suggesting that they were the bombers.

The analogy on the bombings leads to Virgil believing he was wronged by the bomber and as he does not have any evidence against him. How he arrives at the conclusion and what all ways he enlists to arrive at the said conclusions and how he gets a confession out of the bomber is a gripping tale. Overall a must read for all the John Sanford fans out there!

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