John Sanford – Silent Prey (1992)

We get to see John Sanford using the psycho killer from his previous novel, Michael Bekker. Bekker escapes from his hearing by killing his guard, who is a little lenient on him.

A parallel story is shown to us, where two people Thick and Thin who go on killing people who escaped justice.

Lily Rothenburg, his partner from ‘Shadow Prey’ comes to Lucas and asks him to work on Bekker case in New York. Lucas understands her hidden agenda and gets to know that she wanted him to investigate the justice killings, by a rogue group inside the police department, in the intelligence unit. While catching up on each other’s lives, she tells him that she is involved with a fellow police officer Dick Kennett who is investigating the Bekker case.

Lucas goes to New York, he meets Kennett and the Deputy commissioner O’Dell. He also meets a fellow investigator Barb Fell, on whom he begins to be suspicious of.

While going through the documents related to the rogue killings in Lily’s apartment, he shares his views on Fell with Lily. He gets to know that she and O’Dell are working together to catch the rogues in their department. While he leaves her apartment, thick and thin attack him and a fight ensures. His hand is hurt badly and casted, which makes him feel that they are much nearer to the rogues in the department.


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While investigating Bekker’s case, Lucas finds out from Bekker’s fellow prisoner that he taught Bekker how to dress up and act like a lady.

This sets him off on a new trail and they start inspecting all the drug dealers and unsuspectingly tip of Bekker. Bekker who was buying the drugs from a hospital ward boy, gets to know from him that the police is looking for him. He kills the ward boy and leaves. This confirms Lucas’s suspicion that Bekker might be roaming around as a woman.

A trap is set and eventually Lucas along with his subordinate Fell, finds out where Bekker stays, which he informs to Lily who was travelling with O’Dell. Immediately he sees Thick and Thin and manages to know that someone with Lily tipped the rogues. He cuffs Thick and Thin who have come to kill Bekker and calls Lily to inform the same and they find out that the driver of their vehicle was using some advanced technology to tap their calls and find out information, informing the rogues.

Bekker dies in an ensuing fight and Lucas warns Fell to stop working on the rogue team.

How Bekker is caught and how Lily and Lucas find out the gang of rogues and their captain will enthrall you. Even though it’s a slow read, you would not leave the book until you finished reading the last line.

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