John Sanford – Silken Prey (2013)

Silken Prey tells the story of a political conspiracy and associated killings.

The story starts with the killing of Tubb’s a member of Porter Smalls’s party. While dying he writes with his blood, TG under the seat of the killer’s car. Two days after Tubb’s is killed, Small is implicated to be an addict of Child pornography. Smalls being headed for a re elections against Taryn Grant, who has Dannon and Carver as her security detail.

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Smalls is a friend of the current Mayor who requests Lucas to prove Smalls was innocent. Lucas in his investigation finds that one of the campaign members was reported missing and about whom his mother thinks to be dead as he usually used to call her daily, but didn’t from the day he went missing.

Lucas investigates this case and finds out that Tubbs was the person who planted the pornography on Smalls’s computer. He proves Smalls’s innocence and he sets out to find, why a pornographic file from the evidence files of the police went to Tubbs and he starts his investigation on the police department by informing them.

Meanwhile Dannon who along with Carver killed Tubbs as he was demanding more money from Grant to keep his mouth shut. Dannon calls the police officer who gave the images to Tubbs and warns him to be careful. This police officer informs Lucas and identifies Dannon as the one who called him by listening to his voice.

How Lucas finds evidence against Grant and how hard he tries to get justice and fails to get justice as Carver and Dannon both end up dead forms the story.

We really feel bad that a bad person has been elected to rule. However the story will keep you hooked to the book, till the very last page.

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