John Sanford – Stolen Prey (2012)

John Sanford’s Stolen Prey tells us the story of horrible killings of some Bank people and the Mexican drug connection to the killings.

The story opens with Lucas being robbed at gunpoint and beaten badly, which results in him having a cast for his hand. He tries to find out who those people were and sends out a mailer to all the police stations describing the kind of people they were and they are likely to be involved in ATM robberies.

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He receives an information from a cop that a student was similarly attacked and he said that the people who attacked him smelled like horse shit. The student is very sure as he has been in a farm and he is sensitive to smells.

Three months later, Lucas is assigned a case of a brutal killing of a banker Patrick Brooks, his wife, his kids and even his dogs. Lucas requests help from Virgil Flowers, his colleague and friend to help him solve the ATM robbery case as he is busy with the current case.

When Lucas and team start investigating, a Mexican cop David Rivera and his assistant Ana Martinez join the investigation as they think they might link the killings to a mexican drug Lord. Rivera tries to follow a lead Lucas and his team find and goes alone to a house and asks his assistant to call Lucas. He goes into the house and without any choice he had to kill one of the killers. However he is killed by his assistant Martinez itself and she tells the other two killers to run away and that she gives them some time to run away. She later acts as if the killers have killed Rivera and requests Lucas and team to stay on the case till Rivera’s body is taken to Mexico.

Lucas begins to suspect Martinez after Weather points out that the angle of shoot does not match with the story told by Martinez. Lucas finds out who the killers are after and why they are killing, its told that a certain amount of illegal money from the drug lord has been in circulation in U.S and this money has been stolen. The killers have come to retrieve this money by any means.

When Lucas realises that Martinez is helping the killers, he sets a trap for her and the killers, wherein the second killer dies and the third killer and Martinez escape. Lucas uses this to his advantage by telling the media that Martinez had taken the money and escaped, listening to which the drug Lord stops believing her.

Flowers finds out a gang of horse shit robbers who take the shit to grow meth. He calls up Lucas and informs the same and that the ATM robbers might be a part of the gang. He also informs Lucas that a fight is underway as they are trying to catch them. Lucas goes to join them and after a while he sees that the ATM robbers were a part of the gang as well.

During that time he gets a call from his daughter that Martinez has come to their house with the intention of killing anyone in sight. Lucas runs to his house and to his relief and to Letty’s luck, Letty manages to kill both Martinez and the killer and save her mother, her kid sister and brother from them.

You need to read the novel to enjoy the thrill, which you can be sure of. You will not be able to put the book down without finishing it.

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