John Sanford – Storm Front (2013)

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Storm Front is the seventh book in the Virgil Flowers series by John Sanford. The story deals with a paleontologist stealing an artifact a stele which might have been a greatest discovery discrediting Solomon as David’s son. This paleontologist, Elijah Wood is dying of cancer and he runs away to Minnesota with the artifact with the intention to sell it to the highest bidder.

Virgil is called in to help an investigator from Israel, Yael to retrieve the artifact. During the investigation he realises Yael is not what she claims to be. There are three to four parties interested in securing the stele, the turks, the hezbollah, and an independent filmmaker. Virgil who was investigating Ma Florence before taking up this case, tries to run both investigations parallely. Virgil meets Jones’s daughter Emma to find out about her father’s whereabouts, where she cleverly evades the question.

Later when Jones shoots two Turks during a sale gone wrong, Virgil gets to the parties interested in buying the and he finds information for other parties to interest the Homeland security. Ma helps Jones under Virgil’s nose, and even agrees to help in the sale of the artifact.

Virgil has to get hold of the artifact before the others do. Just as it comes to him, it is stolen from him in the middle of the night. Meanwhile the real Yael arrives and the fake one vanishes, this make Virgil more alert. The fake Yael kidnaps Jones’s daughter and demands the stone as a ransom. Virgil intelligently saves the daughter and gets to know where the sale is going to take place. He arranges for the terrorist to be captured and arrives in time to save Ma from gun point.

We get to know some interesting facts about the stone at the end of the story and it’s quite funny and definitely a worth read to all Sanford fans!

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