John Sanford – Storm Prey (2010)

John Sanford’s Storm Prey tells the story of a robbery of medicines from the city hospital.

The story opens with a robbery being successfully executed and during the act one of the three robbers kicks an orderly because he was making noise. This orderly scratches the robber’s leg and after they leave shouts that he has the DNA of the robber under his fingernail. However due to internal injuries he dies later.

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The robbers while escaping see a woman entering the hospital and the woman sees them back not knowing what they just did. She is none other than Weather, Lucas’s wife and when she recollects the incident she tells Lucas who calls up Sherrill and informs her the same.

During a sketching of the robbers through the description of Weather, Marcy informs Lucas to keep her safe as the robbers also would have seen her and she would be in trouble. Lucas also joins the investigation on a private line and finds out that the robbery would not have been possible unless there is someone on the inside.

Meanwhile, while Weather is going home from work, she sees a motor biker following her and take out a pistol to shoot, she manages to shake the pistol out of his hands and tries to run him down. This angers the killer and they are hell bent on eliminating Weather.

How Lucas catches the killers before they kill Weather and who the robbers are and what their story is forms the plot.

The novel is a certain seat gripper, will thrill us to the very last sentence in the book.

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