John Sanford – Sudden Prey (1996)

During a bank heist, the undercover police had to shoot the robbers who open fire on them. Candy LaChaise is one of the robbers who dies in the shootout, the other being her sister in law. Her husband Dick LaChaise is on a vengeance spree, with the help of his friends Ansel Butters, Dexter Lamb and Bill Martin.

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Lucas is dragged into this as he was also on the scene and LaChaise begins to scoop up the names of all the cops who were in the shoot out and starts killing them.

Its up to Lucas and his team to find LaChaise before it’s too late.

It becomes even more difficult when he finds out that an insider is helping out LaChaise. This cop goes about killing the witnesses who can connect him with LaChaise and it becomes difficult for Lucas and his team set a trap for them and Martin is killed in the shootout. LaChaise is badly wounded in a shootout between him and Del Casplock and his wife. Sandy, Candy LaChaise’s sister who is a nurse and who helps in his initial escape, tends to his wounds and eventually finds herself as a prisoner.

How she escapes the corrupt cop and LaChaise without an inch of blame on herself and how Lucas corners LaChaise and how it impacts his life is the crux of the story.

A must read for John Sanford’s fans!

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