John Sanford – Wicked Prey (2009)

John Sanford’s Wicked Prey tells us two stories, one main story being the robbery of political fund money and other being a would be revenge story of a former criminal.

John Cohn is a professional robber and he hits a political fund money and steals all the loot, during which one of his associates mentally and physically tortures a lady. Lucas and his team are called in to handle the situation as the money stolen is dirty money in the first place.

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While this robbery happens, Randy Whitcomb a person arrested by Lucas previously and blames Lucas for everything bad that happened in his life, is out for revenge on Lucas. He plans to kidnap Letty, Lucas’s adopted daughter and make a prostitute out of her.

Letty who has been on the street and survived on her own till the age of 10 before Lucas adopted her, knew that someone was following her and she in turn does a research on him and wants to catch him red handed and have him arrested again.

Due to witness sketches Cohn and his team are identified and a police officer who comes to show his picture in a hotel, he is burnt alive and Cohn escapes. Cohn and his team plan to hold up a Republican Party and steal the loot from there. Lucas guesses their next target and arrives on the scene with his team.

How Lucas stops Cohn and how Letty outsmarts Whitcomb form the story. Even though the story is a little slow paced, it’s an exceptional thriller.

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