John Sanford – Winter Prey (1993)

John Sanford introduces a killer, Iceman in Shasta Creek who kills a family during a stormy night and lights fire to their house and escapes. The house burns down in the cold chilly night and the sheriff Sheldon Carr requests the help from Lucas Davenport who has come to stay in his cabin.

Lucas brings dozens of coffee for the freezing cops and gets to find out that a family of three have been killed and the girl’s ear were clipped off. It appeared to be a torture, to find out about some information.

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Weather Karkinnen is the doctor on the scene, she explains that neither the woman nor the kid were raped and the kid’s ear was sliced of her before she was killed. Lucas points out that the killer might have been in search of something and he seeks the help of Del Casplock. Weather meanwhile forms a romantic interest in Lucas, and thinking about him she goes home. While on the way she sees the Iceman following her in the snow motorbike. She does not think of that incident much. When Del comes back to Lucas saying that women usually tend to save important stuff in jars and some boxes. He finds out a newspaper clipping of a boy and a naked man whose upper part is not seen.

They follow the trail of the picture and find that there is a gang who train children in the art of sex, inturn satisfying themselves. The Iceman uses a girl in the same school as the boy in the picture. This girl thinks of him as her husband and loves him. However, Iceman is interested in her brother.

Meanwhile, Weather and Lucas are romantically engaged and Iceman starts fearing that if Weather sees the photo, she can recognise him. He waits for her near her hospital to kill her and somehow that fails. This makes Lucas think that she might know who the killer is and he shows her the photo by showing it suddenly. She immediately says that the guy is a fireman who has given a false information regarding the time of the fire.

A chase for Iceman ensures and during the fight, Iceman uses the girl as a hostage and escapes.

The girl shoots at Lucas and Weather does an emergency operation then and there to rescue Lucas. Iceman loses his way in the snow and is eaten by cayotes.

The story has to be read to know the intricate details and to have the effect of the children’s plight. A very interesting story and you would love to know that Weather would be his long time girlfriend and his would be wife.

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