John Sanford

John Sanford is an American novelist and a former journalist. I came across his writing through the prey series.

The very first novel, “Rules of Prey” had me glued to his fiction writing always asking for more.

He has written several fiction novels, like the Prey series, Virgil Flower series, Kidd Series, Singular Menace Series and other stand alone fiction and non fiction novels and short stories. Most of these novels have been listed in the best seller lists of the New York Times.

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A list of his writings include

Prey Series:

  1. Rules Of Prey
  2. Shadow Prey
  3. Eyes of Prey
  4. Silent Prey
  5. Winter Prey
  6. Night Prey
  7. Mind Prey
  8. Sudden Prey
  9. Secret Prey
  10. Certain Prey
  11. Easy Prey
  12. Chosen Prey
  13. Mortal Prey
  14. Naked Prey
  15. Hidden Prey
  16. Broken Prey
  17. Invisible Prey
  18. Phantom Prey
  19. Wicked Prey
  20. Storm Prey
  21. Buried Prey
  22. Stolen Prey
  23. Silken Prey
  24. Field of Prey
  25. Gathering Prey
  26. Extreme Prey
  27. Golden Prey

Kidd Series:

  1. The Fool’s Run
  2. The Empress File
  3. The Devil’s Code
  4. The Hanged Man’s Song

Virgil Flowers Series:

  1. Dark of the Moon
  2. Heat Lightning
  3. Rough Country
  4. Bad Blood
  5. Shock Wave
  6. Mad River
  7. Storm Front
  8. Deadline
  9. Escape Clause
  10. Deep Freeze

Singular Menace trilogy:

  1. Uncaged
  2. Outrage
  3. Rampage

Other Novels:

  1. The Night Crew
  2. Dead Watch
  3. Saturn Run


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